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Voice is such a unique instrument. It is the only instrument we are born with, but yet, as it can’t be seen or felt, one has to find their own way of “playing it”. There is no “one size fits all” approach, and so, finding our voice is a life-long and one-of-a-kind quest into knowing own psychical, emotional and spiritual self. 

Aleksandra has been deeply involved into uncovering the magic and mystery of the voice, across cultures, generations, genres and approaches. 

In the last 10 years, she's been teaching privately, as well as a Teaching Artist and workshop clinician at institutions across the globe - Global Music Institute (India), Multikultivator (Serbia) and Circle World Arts (USA).

Aleksandra's currently offering online voice, theory and songwriting lessons, designed to meet student's specific goals and needs, such as:

  • Proper breathing technique 

  • Effortless vocal production

  • The art of interpretation

  • Vocal authenticity

  • Range and agility development

  • Improvisation 

  • Balkan vocal styles and repertoire

  • Lyric writing props

  • Rewriting techniques 

  • Finding your own artistic path in music 


Short Certificate Program Songwriting with Aleksandra Denda.png


Here you can have a peek and request to download my Masters Research & Final Paper  

Harmonizing Wellness 

Music Therapy & Burnout Prevention

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