"Aleksandra’s lessons really helped me in believing in my own voice and the music I was making. Not only did my vocal technique grow, but she guided me through the process of writing chord charts on finale, and more importantly catalysed my songwriting through workshops and guidance about how to structure my music with little embellishments I could add in places which nourished my music thoroughly. Without her constant encouragement and patience, I would not have understood my voice better, and I wouldn’t have been confident enough to want to put my music out. Good vocal teachers are hard to come by, the ones who stick with you patiently through all your pitching, cracking, bad belting, but she gave me the tools to be able to correct these things in a very short span of time." 

Sara, India





"Aleksandra is an amazing vocal instructor, she has incredible knowledge of vocal technique and pedagogy. As a beginner level singer, Aleksandra gave me a great foundation to access my full potential as a vocalist and musician. After a few online lessons with her I started to see immediate control and improvement in my voice. I recommend her for anyone looking to start singing or vocal training, or someone who wants to improve on their skills."

Jabari, New York